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With no direction home!

And here we go again with the insomnia.

So, lately I've been learning a lot how you can tweak and work with facebook, and therefore tweaking and working with facebook a bit. Then again, everybody's been learning about facebook with the news/mini feed addition. Wow! To imagine that over 500,000 (as of the time of this entry) users have reacted to this update, almost unanimously with disguet, and almost every news source independent of facebook has covered the issue as well is nearly unfathomable.

That goes right along the lines of the $2 bil. asking price if facebook gets sold (and there are large media companies interested).

So, I suppose I should pull out my Wired mag issue with the social networking site creator in it and jump on the bandwagon.

But first, I'll mention the book equivalent of Last.FM: That's right, catalog your books online. The only issue I'm seeing with that is the sheer level of exactness required to really create your online library. Every edition is represented, which means pulling all the books off your shelf and making sure you enter data for the correct one. But hey, it's a price to pay.

Anyway, you'll notice from the ubiquitous news feed that I've uploaded some photos from my trip to spain. Feel free to check them out.

Umm... This entry was mostly to play with the ability to link a blog to facebook. For now, it's my livejournal.

Be sure to listen to Modern Times if you haven't already.
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